SCAN-ALL Products Inc.

Has been distributing Firesticks Fluorescent Lumber Markers in Canada for over 25 years.
Firesticks is the original Fluorescent Crayon used with the first grade mark reader pioneered by Weyerhaeuser.

 "Our goal has always been to meet the needs of our customers.
Their satisfaction and patronage is our reward. "

Our customer service sets us apart from the competition,
we are always here happy to help you with your industrial crayon needs.

* Scan-All Products Inc. markets crayons from coast to coast with a guarantee of quality and delivery.

* We supply crayons in over 20 colors that allow our customers to select the proper separation needed for management reporting.

* Our crayons are designed to work with the Lucidyne, USNR (Newnes-McGehee)Cypress TechnologiesSICK grade mark readers in hot, cold, wet or dry conditions.

* On site consultation can be arranged.

* Crayon holders are available.